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Charley Boon

Height: 6’1”       Hair: Brown       Eyes: Brown



Meisner trained Actor, Charley Boon is well known in Hollywood for his innate ability to transform into a wide variety of characters, from different times and places. He has played a dynamic range of roles, from the ancient hero Amulek in the Book of Mormon TV Series, all the way to his current leading role of Raaj in the film adaptation of Amazon's #1 Best Selling Book series, The Carbynarah Chronicles. Charley is also a Producer in this film franchise. His vocal work with the late great celebrity dialects coach, Andrew Jack has enabled Charley to work as a Voice Over actor, as well as enhancing his ability to fully become the characters he portrays.

In addition to his passion for acting, Charley also teaches acting at the world-renowned Baron Brown Studio in Santa Monica, CA. Charley has been with the studio for over 20 years. After finishing his two-year training as an actor, Charley trained an additional 5 years to become an instructor of the work. Since then, he has enjoyed being on staff at one of the most, if not the most, prolific Acting Conservatories in the world. The Baron Brown Studio is a wellspring of talent and has produced some of the most gifted and skilled Academy Award, Emmy Award, and Golden Globe-winning Actors, Directors, Writers, and Producers in the industry today.

When he is not acting, producing or teaching, Charley enjoys fitness. He is a 3 Time National Physique Committee Men's Physique Champion. During his competition years, he was a nationally qualified, sponsored athlete. For one competition, Charley got down to an extremely shredded and record-breaking 2.7% body fat, in which he took 1st place. He is highly sought after by movie production companies and actors alike, for his ability to help completely transform the actors' physiques as they prepare for their roles.

In addition to fitness, Charley enjoys spending time in his hometown of San Diego as well as traveling, especially to Mexico where he has family. He loves spending time at the beach, horseback riding, and going to the movies, where he has been known to eat buckets of popcorn by himself.

Charley looks forward to continuing on his path to truth and beauty, as he lives truthfully through imaginary circumstances. He has many more wonderful projects lined up. Be sure to stay tuned. You won't want to miss what's next!

Trivia: Charley lived in Seoul, Korea for 2 Years where he learned to speak, read and write fluently in Korean.

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